FleetUp, an innovative start-up developing intelligent fleet management products and services, came to Walt & Company with a two-fold requirement: position the company in an existing market filled with entrenched competitors, and rise above the market noise to launch its new ELD (Electronic Logging Device) prior to a federal government deadline in late 2017. 

The Walt & Company approach focused on leveraging core FleetUp strengths that aligned with current emerging requirements, particularly data security, and ELD ease-of-use and installation.  Working closely with the FleetUp marketing team, messaging was developed that appealed to both large fleet operators, independent owners, and drivers.  Our initial media and analyst outreach focused on disrupting market standards, positioning the FleetUp’s products and services as the market’s most efficient solutions, promoting FleetUp executive and technology teams as intelligent fleet management visionaries, and engaging editors and other market influencers with hands-on product demonstrations.

Results were impressive and met all program KPIs, generating positive coverage in virtually all outlets covering and discussing fleet management and ROI issues.

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