Social Strategy

Social strategy is always linked to desired results such as driving engagement, generating web clicks or increasing your fan base. Integrating paid campaigns with organic content, leveraging visual assets and ensuring relevancy is at the heart of every social strategy. Analytics that benchmark and track progress allows us to continually optimize social initiatives.


Community Response

Responding timely to community messages, questions and issues is a paramount objective to every Walt social program. From driving brand engagement to managing crises, Walt & Company teams are experts at working with clients to enhance their brand in social communities. 


Content Creation

Great content is the heart and soul of every effective organic social campaign. From tweets to blog posts, Facebook campaigns to Instagram contests, we develop content that’s relevant, insightful and fun.   Engaging content integrates text, images and video, it’s interactive, stands the test of time, and, ultimately is sharable.     


Content Publishing

Effective content publishing takes into account frequency, timing, type of post, and channel, to name just a few.  For some clients it’s a fairly straight forward process.  For others it may involve multiple overlapping product campaigns, the use of evergreen content, while prioritizing the streaming of a live event. 

Social Advertising

Paid campaigns begin with setting goals, identifying audiences, selecting channels, determining budgets and developing content. Once launched, success is often determined by how all of these factors are optimized. Analytics allow us to track and measure multiple program variables in near-real-time. 


Blogs offer the opportunity for clients to provide their opinion on issues, technologies, and even their competition. They provide a virtual property that can be integrated into broad campaigns or the focal point of a very narrow initiative. We are experts in developing blogs that are insightful, well-written and different.