We love the cloud. Who couldn’t love the power of a world-class data center that’s just a tap or click away. And who in the communications business doesn’t love a technology that has opened up a virtual new world of opportunities.  We love cloud media, cloud shows, cloud communities and cloud connections.  We’ve positioned B2C and B2B cloud services and have launched cloud solutions, and we use the cloud everyday ourselves.  Many other agencies have their heads in the cloud; we, however, have the cloud in our heads.

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Data Storage

We’ve been actively representing data storage companies since we opened our doors in 1991.  We have deep and strong relationships with editors, analysts and bloggers following the storage market.  We have participated in virtually every data storage trade show and conference, and have represented companies and industry organizations that produced and/or managed just about every digital data storage format that has ever existed.  Our experience includes work with the likes of SanDisk, HDS, Kingston, Intel, Violin and many more.


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From fiber to Wi-Fi, networking technology continues to bring us all together.  We’ve been actively working in the networking business for more than 20 years, representing leading hardware and service providers. In that time, we’ve been a part of networking technology moving out of the enterprise and into our homes, cars, small businesses and classrooms.  We work extensively on networking initiatives designed to keep us safe, make us more productive and let us have more fun.



The data security market is crowded, complex and constantly changing.  As such, communicating the benefits of a new or existing security solution can be a challenge. Real world data is often hard to come by and even the happiest customers are reluctant to give potential hackers any insight into their security infrastructure.  With that in mind, Walt & Company programs supporting security software and hardware solutions focus on thought leadership, vertical market benefits, industry partnerships, association activities, client-generated statistics, analyst comments and reports, leveraging data breach news, and platform opportunities – mobile to mainframe.  


Enterprise Systems

A core Walt & Company competency is developing and implementing enterprise IT PR and social programs.  Our experience includes working for several leading global system providers including Hitachi Data Systems, Dell, Ensono and Fujitsu. From media and analyst relations, to thought leadership initiatives, to case history development, we develop communications programs and campaigns that target IT purchase decision-makers from system administrators on up to CIOs.