Showcasing the Power of SBM e-Commerce

For many small businesses, e-Commerce holds the keys to the future. So when eBay acquired Kurant, one of a handful of turnkey e-Commerce front- and back-office platforms for small-to-medium-sized businesses – and a long-time Walt & Company client – we knew the market would never be the same.  Rebranded as eBay ProStores, our team worked to educate existing and potential eBay business users regarding the benefits and advantages of this innovative new approach to managing their businesses.

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Case in Point: David Becomes Goliath

For many start-ups, acquisition by an industry leader like eBay is often a logical and profitable exit strategy. Our strategy of positioning Kurant against the largest e-Commerce providers was a key factor in driving eBay’s acquisition, with positive coverage in business and financial media creating awareness within the investment banking community.