An integrated, multi-tiered program, Walt & Company works with Epson to build brand value across a wide range of markets.  PR and Social Media programs generate more than 13 billion impressions per year.  Communications initiatives support Epson business and consumer printers, business and home theater projectors, scanners, and industrial and professional digital imaging solutions, as well as corporate and industry campaigns.  This success is based on a strategic approach that combines creative thinking, product and market acumen, and strong relationships with editors, reviewers, bloggers, analysts, and social influencers.

1.2 Billion Digital, Broadcast

Case in Point:  Epson EcoTank “Swimming in Ink”

To launch Epson’s innovative EcoTank Printers – color printers featuring large ink reservoirs vs. traditional ink jet cartridges – we developed a powerful, two-phased launch campaign.  Phase 1 focused on the printer’s new ink delivery system, reducing user frustrations with cartridges, and market impact.  On announcement day the story was featured on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, and covered in virtually every tech media outlet.  Six weeks later, Phase 2 surrounded retail availability.  To ensure that “EcoTank” message came through loud and clear, our “Swimming in Ink” Times Square event featured a 17,000-gallon swim tank and a series of synchronized swimming performances by the US National Synchronized Swim Team.  The event was featured on TODAY, and covered by hundreds of outlets ranging from to 

Over 15 Million Impressions