Launching the Social Network for Electronics

element14—a U.K.-based global electronics component distributor—needed to raise the profile of its new online community within the electronic design industry.  Walt & Company’s strategy was to focus on social and PR initiatives tied to element14 supplier partnerships and a creative program to drive community registration and engagement through the company’s unique internet TV assets and community resources for the designer engineer community


Case in Point: Ben Heck, Brand Ambassador

Leveraging element14’s development of “The Ben Heck Show,” an Internet TV series featuring Benjamin J. Heckendorn, one of the superstars of the electronic design subculture, we took Ben out of the studio and into the community. Driving a brand ambassador program, Ben was routinely featured in the leading tech media outlets and was a frequent speaker at high-profile tech forums and venues, including Maker Faire. Program elements also integrated partnerships and community activities with a range of influencers – including chip design pro Jerry Ellsworth, open-source Arduino whiz Jeremy Blum and Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton, to promote the exchange of ideas among professionals, enthusiasts and DIYers.  These efforts resulted in dramatic community growth, with over 2 million show views in the first season, 2x growth across element14 social channels and widespread coverage across mainstream tech, DIY and engineering outlets totaling more than 500 million impressions.