We know mobile.  Walt & Company has been working in mobile market since there was a mobile market.  From mobile phones, to tablets, to notebooks.  And from mobile advertising to mobile apps.  We live it too.  We’ve developed programs for mobile tech providers targeting business users, professionals, moms, teachers and students, technicians and just about everyone in-between.  It’s why companies including Sprint, Intel, MSI, D-Link, Logitech and many others have relied on Walt & Company to help launch and support new mobile initiatives.


We know tech gear.  We’ve worked with clients marketing peripherals in just about every category including mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, projectors, speakers, headphones, earbuds, monitors, storage devices, routers, virtual reality glasses, extenders, cameras, and motion sensors.  We’re experts at working with companies developing new peripheral product categories and pushing the boundaries of existing markets.


Home Theater

From backyard movie nights to CEDIA events, Walt & Company teams have been involved in the home theater market for more than 10 years.  We have strong contacts with key projector and home entertainment analysts, editors, bloggers and other market influencers.  We know the competitive landscape, the technologies driving future innovation, and are in synch with the wide ranging consumer needs from the budget buyer to the luxury market.


Personal Computing

Walt & Company team members have worked in the evolving PC market virtually since it began.  From desktops to notebooks, and from all-in-ones to tablets, our experience includes working with industry leaders marketing products for Windows, Mac and other platforms.  From grade school students to overclockers, and from stay at home moms to executives and engineers, we are skilled at successfully positioning personal computing solutions for the consumer and business markets.


Digital Imaging

Today not only is a picture worth 1,000 words, but it very well may last for 1,000 years.  Digital images – viewed on displays, projected on wall, and printed on virtually any medium – dominate business and interpersonal communications.  Walt & Company has developed award-winning programs that help define how digital images are captured, printed, projected and viewed.


Home Networking

Home network is changing how we live.  Wi-Fi networks in homes around the world allow for instant internet access enabling everyone to listen, watch and interact with data like never before.  We have experience working with a wide range of home networking devices including routers, extenders, monitors, cameras, sensors, printers, and other smart home automation products and apps.  Our experience also includes working with clients linking home networks to the cloud, as well as companies providing services and apps.



Launching new games, positioning a high-performance gaming peripheral, and even developing and running a competitive gaming center – Walt & Company team members have wide ranging game industry experience resulting in winning client PR and social programs.  We work with the top gaming media, blogger and YouTube influencers to ensure that our clients get the high-profile attention that allows their products, technologies, brands and franchises to build loyal user communities.  From the casual gamer to the enthusiast to the e-sports competitor, and from consoles to PCs to phones, we can help you build excitement and expand your gaming market footprint.